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What Are the Benefits of Smile Complete?

Improved Health & Function

Because dental implants function like tooth roots, providing a strong, stable foundation for replacement teeth that are attached to the implants, patients are able to eat the foods they love; chewing and digesting properly, thereby improving overall health.

Enhanced Quality of Life

A beautiful new smile that is secure not only improves appearance, but also restores confidence and overall well-being. The ability to smile and laugh naturally, socialize with ease, and enjoy eating again in comfort, dramatically improves patients’ quality of life.

Natural-Looking Smile

Smile Complete gives patients a natural looking smile with replacement teeth that are designed for each patient.  Personalized treatment provides optimal esthetics and function of the teeth and smile, as well as a more natural-looking facial appearance.

Nonremovable & Stable

Smile Complete provides a fixed set of replacement teeth anchored by dental implants, which provides stability and a sense of security.  Removable dentures that slip when talking and eating, and are often painful,  simply cannot compare to the comfort of Smile Complete.

Dental Implant Benefits Illustration
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